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I want to Buy a Macbook Pro Laptop....
Can you guys tell me....

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a Macbook over a Windows laptop??

I think it depends on what softwares you are going to use and what OS they support. Any How compared with windows, MAC books are better they come in small size,less weight and comfortable to use but they cost more than windows. And also there are still many advantage of getting a MAC Book over windows Laptop.
According to me,

Technically speaking, the filesystem of OS X is much better than NTFS on Windows leading to higher performance over a long period of use, and since it can only be installed on Mac hardware, then I think it should be considered a big advantage.

Then there is, of course, better UI, better hardware, better battery life.

Disadvantages are that you do not get as many varieties of software on any other OS as on Windows. The user base is comparatively lower too, so you may not get as much online forum support (although Apple makes up for most of it).
Another disadvantage is that Apple is much more expensive than Windows and you still won't get to play as many games as you would on Windows.

All in all, if you are planning to take the middle way, then I suggest trying Ubuntu (Linux), although some people might believe that such OS'es are not for everyone.

May Help you to buy MacBook Pro....
Thanks Brother Smile

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